Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Brain Fried

My dearest Crit Partner has posted her status as "brain dead" last week on her blog. I'm right up there with "brain fried".  I'm attending a weeklong medical conference this week. I was contemplating posting a challenging blog this week, but I'm afraid if I tried, I might start talking about hypertension, diabetes, and ADHD. So, unless inspiration and the need to escape the medical mindset hits me, I'll be lurking on FB and the blogs I follow.

As I sat listening to the keynote speaker, Irish tenor, Ronan Tynan, I was inspired to think of God as both the Great Physician and the Great Author. Ronan Tynan, a bilateral below knee amputee due to childhood disabilities, went on to become a Special Olympics gold metalist, joined the Royal Opera, and then to medical school when his voice gave out. He moved our audience of family physicians and health care providers to tears of laughter, then of sentiment as he told how he cared for his parents in the last days of their lives. Then he once again returned to singing when he joined the Irish Tenors.

He has worn each of his career "hats" with honor and amazing determination.

Who could have written such an inspiring story, or told it so well?

I am both health care provider, and author.

God is both the great healer and author. Its not that as the author I get to control my characters as much as it is that I get to show how they become transformed. It's truly transformation I desire in my patients and in my characters--that whatever holds them from experiencing physical, emotional, spiritual health, could be understood and overcome. As the Great Author, I don't believe God wants to control our destiny or our story any more than He wants to just walk this journey with us. As author, I see Him as allowing me to experience only that which can transform me into a more whole person.

Stories are inspiring. I pray only to be inspiring, no matter what "hat" I'm wearing.

Perhaps true inspiration is showing, not the telling?

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