Sunday, November 6, 2011

NaNoWriMo and Counting

Well, nothing fancy tonight. Only a word count tally.

I'm working on my second novel, Lena's Courage, a Christian Historical Romance. It's set in 1894, northern Wisconsin in a fictitious town.

Lena is a doctor sent north to "rest" after spending her fortune to care for the poor to the point of personal illness. Riley is a cowboy who's hung up his star when his best friend is killed. He's drifted for ten years and has come home to settle his final debts--the care of his friend's teenaged fatherless son. When Riley runs into Lena while chasing the boy down after he's stolen candy from the local general store, her hand is severely cut--ruining her future plans to become a surgeon. Lena has lost her courage, Riley is just finding his. What courage will it take to risk sacrificing a future in medicine or love?

Okay, that's my first shot at a back cover hook--very much a first draft since it's now 11pm (really midnight if you count the time change!)

I'm on chapter 14.

NaNoWriMo=National Novel Writing Month. The goal is to write 50,000 words from November 1-30.

So here it is:
November 1: 1000
                  2: 1744 (1844 total)
                  3: 0
                  4: 0
                  5: 1047 (2891)
                  6: 1249 (4140)
                  7: 372 (4512)
                  8: 0
                  9: 1895 (6407)
                10: 0
                11: 0
                12: 0
                13: 2127 (8534)

Thanks to the challenge by my critique partner, Jaime Wright, I would have never signed up for this. j
What challenges have you set for yourself? How are you doing?

Also, feel free to critique the feeble attempt on the book cover hook.

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