Monday, March 26, 2012

Sealed With a Kiss

I was made to love. 

Weren't we all? Made in the image of our Creator.

I suppose that's why I love a great romantic story. Epic--as my teens would say.

I just finished a weekend of watching three full performances of Footloose. My son was in charge of stage left--RRRrrr. My daughter played the mother of the main character--Ren---and she was beautiful--RRRaaarrr.

Since my husband and I dated in the 1980's, I reveled in all the glory days and songs, costumes, and even silly old phrases and dance moves I'd forgotten. It was so EPIC! :o)

But one scene stands out for one reason....
the sweet anticipation of love discovered.

It's the scene on the bridge where Ren and Ariel sing the hit, Almost Paradise. Ren, the rebel, who challenges all the rules, loves Ariel, the preacher's daughter, who yearns for real love and deeper intimacy than the empty rules handed down to her as faith. Each night Ren and Ariel played it better and better--of course it helped that in real life this couple is already dating. But the kicker was on the third night of a packed auditorium when they finally lean closer, closer---and closer----and FINALLY KISS---I hear behind me somewhere a young girl's loud whisper of anticipation--"yES!"  Then a contented sigh that followed. Sweetness of two meant for each other.

My English teacher in high school said there were only three stories in the world---love, war, and death. Well, he might have been right, but I'll take LOVE every time!

We were made to love, to yearn, to hope.

And everyone in that auditorium knew it too--whether old, young, or in between.

I left the school with a contented sweet remembrance of days gone by---of love dreamed of, hoped for, prayed over.

Then during worship Sunday morning, I suddenly remembered that kiss. Often we tiptoe to the edge of it. Wonder what it might be like to plunge into a completely committed relationship with our Lord, lover of our souls. He yearns for us. He knocks on the doors of our hearts---and we tremble with all the same questions we have in love. Will He really love me for who I am? Can I really trust Him with all of me? How will I know it's really Him--the only One for me?

And when we lean in, closer, and seal it with a kiss---I think He says---yES!


  1. Yes!! Very good summary of the musical. Wasn't it just delightful?

    Great application, Anne.

  2. Very fun Rhonda! I keep humming the songs this week!