Sunday, September 30, 2012

Historical Romance Treasures

I want to invite you all to head on over to my new shared blog with Jaime Wright at

I have a free give away for Historical Romance this week! We have some new releases just out from Jody Hedlund, Sarah Sundin, and Julie Lessman. Stop by this week for details on the give-away and feel free to lurk over coffee at Coffee Cups & Camisoles!

Coffee Cups & Camisoles is a new place for readers, writers, bookies, laughs & coffee lovers to hang out and chat. Join us and...

Coffee up!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Reader's Pick

by permission:

I'm so excited to announce that following my WWCP (writer's weekend with my critique partner, Jaime Wright)--that we will be combining our blogs into one. To launch our new blog, we'll be kicking it off with a basket of free books very soon!

If you could pick your favorite historical romance books for the give away what would they be? What historical time period is your favorite? I've been writing in the 19th century, but recently I've been reading in the 18th century.

If there were warm drink surprises included in your reading extravaganza basket, what kind would they be? What's your favorite brew? I'd have to say on a cool fall evening, I'll need a hot cup of Twinings English Breakfast, decaf--I know, wimp.

Where is your favorite place to curl up with a new book, a great brew, and a thick throw?
I love to sit on the couch, snuggle with a throw next to the fire. There's nothing better.

So, be watching for further announcements about October's kick off for our new website and the chance for free historical romance book drawings. Yes, there will be two drawings. Mine, and Jaime's.

Details about the drawing to be announced closer to the date.
Watch for keywords: Coffee & Camisoles.

by permission:

So, please comment here and list the books you'd hope might be in a basket give away!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Writer's Weekend Countdown

I'm trying not to think about all that I'll be missing at this year's ACFW annual conference...the worship, the keynote speaker, the food, the networking, opportunity...OH snap!

<shake self out of it>

Slurp coffee.

Breath in, breath out.

Goals? What, back to reality? Check.

Yes, my CP and I have once again decided several months ago, (Ahem, cough, could it have been after Genesis?)--not to attend the annual American Christian Fiction Writer's conference. We are planning our second annual Critique Partner Writer's Weekend--CPWW!!  You too, could attend your very first annual CPWW!

So, we are 16 days to count down and I'm feeling a little panicked. Part of the good that comes from committing to attend a conference is the forced deadline to write a one page, practice your elevator pitches, and have a synopsis ready on the off chance (dreammmming onnnnn) that an agent or editor will ask for it. Yes, the pressure pushes you outside your comfort zone. And this is good. 

But, the CPWW will be all about comfort I assure you! Coffee, chocolate, snuggles under a throw while watching a period piece, sharing recent reads, deserts, pizza, and pajamas.

So, what's to push me/us while we are zoning in comfort?

Ok, check list of goals and ideas.

1. Reread her current WIP (while drinking coffee)
2. Skim my current WIP (will need chocolate here)
3. Brainstorming session focused on mashing out the problem areas of plot, structure, character
    consistencies. (insert more coffee)
4. Bring a craft book to work with; pick a craft topic and apply it to our WIPs (over desert--pumpkin
    pie? apple?)
5. Discuss current trends in publishing. (tea time)

Intermission: watch inspiring romantic movie (Pride & Prejudice, Out of Africa, Last of the Mohicans, etc)

6. Talk about/research if we should consider spending our money on a professional edit review of
    current WIP's. (no desert, play with kids--time to pinch pennies!)
7. Review recent reads, and TBR pile. (prepare to sprinkle giggles between sips of coffee!)
8. Critique our blogs and online presence--ugh (let's go for a hike now!!)
9. Review our Genesis reviews. (ice cream? pizza?)
10. Make a timeline of goals before ACFW 2013. (binoculars please, I can't see that far ahead!)

Finale: theatre here we come--gonna see The Words.

Ok, so maybe I won't have pushed myself out of my comfort zone like at a conference--only out of my waistband! But, last year's CPWW was just the kick in the pants I needed to launch a great winter of writing. If all goes well, I hope to finish WIP #2 this winter and think about whipping WIP #1 into shape and up to my current level of craft.

Rumor has it ACFW 2013 is in Indy (Indianapolis, IN)--and I plan to attend.
Maybe I'll have to fast from coffee for the slush fund!

What goals will you shoot for if you can't attend ACFW this year?

Leave a comment (here or on Facebook) or a goal on your list and enter a drawing for free copy of Laura Frantz's new release, Love's Beckoning
Comment deadline for drawing is Sept 12, limited to continental USA.